Medium Density Polyethylene Pipes

Makknow MDPE Pipes are manufactured from 20 mm OD to 355 mm outer diameter in blue, orange and yellow colour. MDPE has very good drop resistance and shock resistance. It is less sensitive and has a higher stress-cracking resistance.

What is MDPE Pipe?
MDPE can be produced by chromium/silica catalysts, Ziegler-Natta catalysts or metallocene catalysts. Medium Density Polyethylene as it is fully known, (or blue poly / blue MDPE as it is regularly called in merchants) is a durable, seamless plastic pipe suitable for delivering high pressure mains water from the main run, into properties and can be used for replacing existing lead water main pipes.


• Suitable for Drinking Water
• Gas Application
• Residential Colonies
• Housing Societies
• Jal Boards
• Corporations


• It has higher stress crack resistance
• Flexible & Durable
• Leak proof
• Affordable
• Abrasion Resistant

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